Quality Welding LLC
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About Quality Welding LLC

Founded in 1996, Quality Welding is a family owned welding and fabrication shop.  Our staff includes highly experienced welders who specialize in meeting every client's precise specifications, producing the most appealing look, and delivering the highest quality craftsmanship.  The staff's over 30 years of professional experience in the field enables Quality Welding to solve even the most difficult welding challenges.

Quality Welding turns blueprints or drawings into finished products. We're known for quick, reliable turnaround on custom metal fabrications, custom weldments, and machined products. Most of our customers are mid-sized to large-sized Connecticut companies in industries including:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • Corporate Display
  • Developers and Contractors
  • General Industrial
  • Conveyor Components
  • Property Management Companies 
  • Signage
  • Broadcasting Sets

Our lead welder holds a type G8 license for heating, piping, and cooling. Quality Welding has also contributed to the Greater Bristol community by providing internships to students in the Connecticut Vocational Technical School system.

Quality Welding LLC's Certifications

Heating, Piping & Cooling Certification
PDF (PDF - 147 KB)
  Home Improvement Certification
PDF (PDF - 145 KB)
  NOMMA Certificate
PDF (PDF - 60.5 KB)
PDF (PDF - 62.9 KB)
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