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Custom Fabricated metal signs For The Entertainment Industry

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Automic Drive-In Signage
Automic Drive-In Signage
Automic Drive-In Signage
 Exit/Goodbye Signage
Exit/Goodbye Signage
Exit/Goodbye Signage
 Gas Station Signage
Gas Station Signage
Gas Station Signage

Quality Welding serves a diverse range of clients: from residential and commercial industries to the entertainment sector, our work can be found performing many different functions. When a client contracted us to fabricate signage for an amusement park ride, we were happy to take on another exciting project. Working with customer-supplied prints and requirements, we used a combination of torch cutting, sawing, rolling, milling, MIG and TIG welding services, and painting to fabricate each unique sign.

Some signs consisted of several components: for the gas station, drive-in, and exit signs, we manufactured steel columns. The drive-in signs also required decorative caps, while the exit sign needed an additional frame. The gas station sign measured 36 inches in outside diameter, with 4 inches in depth, while the gas station support measured 8 feet tall by 24 inches wide. The drive-in sign featured sphere diameters measuring 16 inches in outside diameter, with ring diameters measuring 48 inches, 39 inches, and 24 inches in outside diameters. The sign itself measured 4 feet tall by 8 feet long. The last sign, the exit sign, measured 10 feet tall with 9-foot tall signposts. Each post measured 4 inches in outside diameter with 8-inch sphere outside diameters. All signs were painted in accordance with design specifications. Our superior processes enable us to fabricate signs that surpassed our client's standards for quality, precision, and service.

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Metal Fabricated Amusement Park Signs Project Highlights

Product DescriptionThese custom signs were fabricated for an amusement park ride.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesTorch Cutting
MIG Welding
TIG Welding
Overall Part Dimensions Gas Station Sign:
Diameter: ø36"
Depth: 4"
Gas Station Sign Support:
Height: 8'
Width: 24"
Drive In Sign:
Sphere Diameters: ø16"
Ring Diameters: ø48", ø39", ø24"
Height: 4'
Length: 8'
Exit Sign:
Height: 10'
Exit Sign Posts:
Diameter: ø4"
Height: 9'
Sphere Diameters: ø8"
Material UsedSteel
Components ManufacturesGas Station Signs
  • Column
Drive in Signs
  • Columns
  • Decorative Caps
Exit Sign
  • Columns
  • Frame
In process inspection performedFitment Inspection
Industry for UseAmusement Parks
Delivery LocationBristol, Connecticut
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Prints
Product NameCustom Amusement Park Signage

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